Writers ask themselves these ?'s

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Writers ask themselves these ?'s

Post  MzM on Tue Aug 25, 2009 3:22 pm

Examples of the Kinds of Work That Writers Do When They Compose Piece:

When Writers Have This Intention… They Might Use One of These Strategies:

a) Find an idea to write about (free writing)
b) Look around and let objects spark ideas
c) Figure out the focus for a piece
d) Ask themselves, “What’s the thing I really want to say about my subject to readers?” e) Organize a draft
f) Study the structure of a model piece
g) Make a flow chart of the piece
h) Write an ending
i) Study the endings of several model pieces
j) Brainstorm several endings and pick the one that works best
k) Add information to a draft
l) Read the piece to someone

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